Italian Institut London: Kandinsky /Cage. Friday 13th October.

15 Oct ’17

Friday 13 October, 6,30pm
Do we see music? Waiting for “KANDINSKY —> CAGE: music and the spiritual in art”

Marco Delogu, Director ICI London
Davide Zanichelli, President Fondazione Palazzo Magnani
Professor Peter Vergo, University of Essex
Martina Mazzotta, Curator of the exhibition

Performance by
Marco Gambino, actor and writer
At the piano: Paolo Repetto, Chairman of the exhibition’s advisory committee

The Italian Cultural Institute hosts a presentation of the exhibition which opens in November at the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, on the occasion of the Fondazione’s 20th anniversary. Taking the visitor on a journey through art and music, the project explores the ideas of interiority and spirituality as open themes that encompass many influences: from the spiritual abstraction of Wassily Kandinsky to the enlightened silence of John Cage. The Reggio Emilia exhibition will also feature Max Klinger, Paul Klee, Arnold Schönberg, Constantin Čiurlionis, Marianne Werefkin, Oskar Fischinger, Fausto Melotti, Nicolas De Stael, Giulio Turcato and Robert Rauschenberg.

In collaboration with:

Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia

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