Marco Gambino is an Italian actor and producer who has been living in London since 1987. Marco was born and raised in Palermo and made his stage debut in 1980 appearing in a much acclaimed Italian version of Noel Coward’s Blythe Spirit.

It is in London that he refines his acting technique by regularly attending the Actor’s centre and taking part in the summer courses organised by Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts. Marco makes his London stage debut in 1997 appearing in Howard Corder’s Search and Destroy at the New End Theatre. From then on he works with several Theatre companies acting both in English and Italian.

Renowned for a series of one-man shows which have toured internationally, interpreted in more than one language, these began with an adaptation of Words of Honour, a book by the award-winning journalist Attilio Bolzoni, which Marco adapted for the stage together with Attilio Bolzoni himself and director Manuela Ruggiero.

Notable recent acting work includes Marco’s interpretation as Othello and Iago in Othello’s Guilt, an adaptation from Shakespeare’s Othello by Italian playwright Roberto Cavosi.

Marco’s lifelong passion for classical music has seen him working alongside international musicians like the American violinist Gil Morgenstern and the Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke with whom he has recently created the melologue “Invitation au voyage”.

Marco has also worked with various international directors and filmmakers on various projects including Tony Maylam’s The Journal of a Contract Killer, Tom Tyckwer’s The International and Giacomo Campiotti’s Mai più come prima, La guerra sulle Montagne, and Giuseppe Moscati.

His appearances on Italian and British television include Il Capo dei Capi, Squadra Antimafia, Young Montalbano, and Emmerdale.

His parallel activity as an author has seen Marco developing together with Ernesto Tomasini, Camurria, a one-act play which opened at Riverside Studio, London, in June 2008.

Amongst his extensive voice work, highlights have been his recordings for BBC ,Vodafone, British Museum.